Expands Variety of Emotional Reasoning & Motor Skill Sets | Our Savior Lutheran School

Expands Variety of Emotional Reasoning & Motor Skill Sets


  • Know God loves them and is always with them
  • Know that Jesus is their Savior
  • Learn to recite simple prayers
  • Learn to recite Bible verses
  • Learn to praise God with song
  • Learn to be reverent in weekly chapel
  • Retell simplified Bible stories
  • Relate Bible story truths to their own lives


  • Cooperate with classmates in work and play
  • Willingly share and take turns
  • Use common manners as "please" and "thank you"
  • Follow directions and school rules
  • Learn to respect authority and cooperate with teachers
  • Learn to work independently
  • Participate in class activities
  • Listen without interrupting


  • Enjoy school
  • Develops a positive self-worth
  • Handle separation from parents or primary care givers
  • Shows love and respect for others
  • Receives love and respect from others
  • Responds well to discipline and limits
  • Accepts responsibility for their behavior

Language Arts

  • Develop language through children's literature
  • Recognize letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • Recognize written name
  • Begin learning to write their name
  • Speak and share ideas in simple sentences
  • Participate in role playing activities
  • Develop awareness of Rhymes


  • Count from 1-30 and higher if able
  • Use 1 to 1 correspondence to represent quantity
  • Recognize numbers 1 - 15
  • Sort objects by color, shape and size
  • Continue simple patterns
  • Use position words
  • Match pairs
  • Recognize 10 geometric shapes


  • Participate in simple experiments
  • Use five senses in observations
  • Observe changes in seasons and weather
  • Experiences scientific/math concepts through cooking

Social Studies

  • Recite first and last name
  • Recognizes common holidays
  • Identify family members


  • Clap a rhythm
  • Sing simple songs
  • Sing the ABC Alphabet song
  • Participate in creative movement to music
  • Participate in finger plays


  • Identify and name 10 colors
  • Explore mixing of colors
  • Tracing patterns, lines, letters and shapes
  • Practice cutting and gluing
  • Participate in theme based arts/crafts projects
  • Paint with water colors
  • Finger painting

Gross and Fine Motor Development

  • Learn to bounce a ball
  • Learn to catch a ball
  • Hop on one foot
  • Learn to gallop, skip and run at different speeds
  • Exhibits balancing skills
  • Learn to manage own clothing (buttons, zippers, snaps)
  • Hold crayon between first two fingers and thumb
  • Use materials to develop muscle in fingers (scissors, crayons, markers, play dough)