What is Learn by Heart? | Our Savior Lutheran School

What is Learn by Heart?

We tend to think of memory skills as something you are either born with or without-sort of like hair color or a love for mathematics. There may be a little truth to that, but memory skills are something you have to work at developing.

Sadly, memorization has been deemed unnecessary by modern educators. They ask, "Why memorize something you can easily look up in a book?"

Is it any wonder that retention is so difficult for so many of our high school and college students?

At Our Savior, we believe that memory is a critical tool of learning for elementary students and college students, alike. Thus, memorization of essential lists, data, chants, etc. is done throughout our curriculum.

Indeed, we have formalized it into a curriculum we call "Learn By Heart." Our students memorize Bible verses, the teachings of the Christian faith, essential historic events, the parts of Latin and English grammar, and all sorts of wonderful pieces of information.

We believe that this sort of "rote learning" is an essential first step to bringing forth understanding of the particular subject matter and ultimately wisdom.

Moreover, we believe that developing this skill at such an early age builds a great foundation for future learning.