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Welcome to Our Savior Lutheran School

What to expect in Kindergarten at Our Savior Lutheran School...

Chapel: Chapel is on Wednesday except on special church festivals. Students will wear their chapel uniform on all chapel days. After the first few weeks of school, children in k-8th grade are divided into chapel and house families.  From then on they will worship with their chapel family and have a special chapel buddy who can help them follow along in the service.  Chapel is conducted in the church. 


Religion:  Our study of religion starts with stories from the Old Testament such as Creation and the Fall of Adam and Eve, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Ruth, Samuel, David and the Fiery Furnace (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego).The end of the second quarter brings us to the New Testament stories of the Birth of Jesus, His ministry, His death and resurrection and the stories from the book of Acts about Peter, Paul, Tabitha, Lydia and Timothy.


Language Arts:  Kindergarten use the A Beka curriculum. This includes Phonics, Handwriting, Reading Circles and Story Time.  Students learn to read through the use of phonics. As soon as the short sounds of the vowels and the sounds for only three consonants are introduced, they are taught to sound out first words. Later, they learn to read many more words, including words with two vowels and words that contain special sounds - letter combinations such as sh, ar and blends such as st, bl and more. Their reading vocabulary naturally grows with each new sound and blends learned.


Students learn manuscript writing in a program that is correlated with their phonics. As they learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet and learn what sound they say, they also learn to write them. Later they learn to write blends, words and sentences. Writing is also done in other subjects such as history and science.


Reading circles start after the first twelve weeks of school. Each time the children finish reading their A Beka book in their reading circle they may take it home to keep and read to their parents. Reading circles start with meeting three times a week and later increase to five times a week.  These circles provide the students with more individualized time and an opportunity to work on their fluency, comprehension and inflection.



Literature: includes classic children stories including, but not limited to, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Aesop's Fable, Grimm's Fairy Tales' as well as modern children's literature including books by Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Jan Bret and others. We also read  Alphabet Fun Story, these are stories which highlight a letter sound. Chapter books are read aloud by the teacher during nap or rest time.


Math:  Our curriculum is Saxon Math Kindergarten. Students learn and practice new concepts and skills during a formal whole-group lessons. These lessons provide hands-on experiences, discussion, exploration, and oral/written practice, which all a child to be actively involved in learning. Some of the concepts and skills taught in Math K are counting by 1's 2's, 5's and 10's; acting out and finding answers for addition and subtraction story problems; identifying shapes; covering and reproducing designs; telling time to the hour; recognizing and working with coins; measuring and comparing objects; identifying halves; recognizing patterns and extending them, and creating and reading graphs.


History:  At the beginning o the year students study geography: they learn to recognize the continents and oceans, the united States of America, the state of Texas, and terms used in working with maps. In October and November students study about the Native Americans, Columbus' voyage to the New World, the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. Later in the school year, history units include the Presidents of Mount Rushmore, American and Texas symbols.


Science:  Kindergarten covers the following units in Science: My Senses; Learn All About It - observing like a scientist; Living Things; Our Earth - geographical features; Planets: Healthy Eating; Watch What Happens - liquids, solids and gases. Playground Science - simple machines.


Memory:   Students will memorize Catechetical memory in the Learn By Heart book as taken from Luther's Small Catechism.  This includes scripture verses as well as passages from Luther’s Small Catechism such as the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, etc.


Physical Education: Kindergartners will go to P.E. three times a week with our physical education teacher, Ms. Lunsford.  They will be introduced to many different games, ball handling skills, warm up stretching and activities that lead to the further development of their large motor skills.


Music:  Students will participate in music class once a week with our music teacher Mr. Armstrong.  During the week children will also be exposed to classical music during snack  and rest time.  Teachers provide time for daily singing usually at the beginning or end of the day,  at religion time or circle time.


Art:  Students learn the Elements of Art through exposure to famous artists such as Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Monet Matisse, Mondrian and Degas. Each lesson examines one artist and one element of art. The children then create their own art pieces based on the individual artists, and the element of art that was discussed.


Some exciting field trips may include:

  • Dewberry Farms
  • A Museum
  • Houston Arboretum
  • Main Street Theater

Special events & projects:

  • 100 day of school celebration
  • Student of the Week
  • Reading Buddies with 4th Grade
  • Show-n-Tell
  • Early Childhood Field Day
  • Special Presentations brought to the school (i.e. a puppeteer or a play, etc.)
  • Grandparents or Special Visitor Day
  • Spirit Week
  • Christmas Program
  • Sing-a-long with 2nd grade
  • Read-a-thon (A whole day devoted solely to reading!)
  • Lutheran School's Week
  • Go Texan Day
  • Kindergarten Graduation