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Grade 4 - What to Expect

Welcome to Mrs. Kleb's Fourth Grade webpage. 

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What to expect in Fourth Grade...

Chapel is on Wednesday except for special holidays.

We will have PE 3 days per week, and classroom music twice per week, and art once per week.  Latin class will be 4 days each week.  We will visit the library once a week.  We spend 40 minutes outside every day, weather permitting, to include a mid-morning recess and lunch recess. 

Our study of Religion will include:  Luther's small catechism.


In literature we may read: 

  • The Matchlock Gun
  • The Horse and His Boy
  • Holes
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Tuck Everlasting
  • Old Yeller
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Hatchet
  • Cricket in Time Square

In English we will: 

  • Learn to classify pattern 3 and pattern 4 sentences
  • Apply spelling rules to new words
  • We will write 3-point paragraphs and persuasive paragraphs
  • In Math we will: use Saxon Math 5/4.  We will study the addition and subtraction of whole numbers, decimals, fractions and mixed numbers; multiplication and division of whole numbers; division with remainders; square roots; comparing and ordering fractions and decimals; converting percents to fractions and decimals; estimating whole numbers, products, and quotients; units of 
  • measurement and units of time; and solving word problems with various patterns.

Our study of history will include:  classical world history from 1450 to 1800.


In Science we will study:

  • Life Science - Seed plants, Vertebrates, Animal adaptations, and Ecosystems
  • Physical Science - Properties of matter, Work and energy, and Heat
  • Earth Science - Earth sun moon, Minerals and Rocks, Water on the earth, and the atmosphere
  • Human Body - Digestion, Circulation, and Respiration

For memory we will memorize: The six chief parts of the Luther's Small Catechism and selected Bible verses related to our Catechetical memory; Learn By Heart.

Some exciting field trips may include:

  • Main Street Theater
  • Taste of Texas
  • Museum of Science and Natural History

Special events & projects:

  • Building an animal habitat
  • Researching a president and writing a research paper.
  • Giving a How-To speech
  • Creating a poster that describes you
  • Class science project