Why is Recess Important? | Our Savior Lutheran School

Why is Recess Important?

Why Is Recess Important?

            Ask a group of students of varying age ranges what their favorite part of the school day is, and you’re sure to hear “recess!” from several of the children. While this may bring a smile to many adult faces, and even cause us to chuckle, it has been scientifically proven that recess is an extremely important and necessary part of children’s school days. 

            Academically, recess serves as essential break from the strict concentration required by academic pursuits.  Studies show that recess and free play allow students to be more engaged and attentive during structured class time. Additionally, recess helps students display optimal cognitive processing. 

            Recess does not just benefit students academically however; recess is beneficial for social and emotional reasons as well. Recess provides children with time and opportunity to practice social skills and use imaginative play with their peers. Through play at recess, students utilize and develop their communication skills, including skills such as negotiation, cooperation, problem-solving, and sharing. Recess also supplies students with beneficial opportunities for managing stress and anxiety through physical activity. 

            In addition to academic benefits, social and emotional benefits, recess also provides students with physical benefits. The benefits of physical activity and fitness are important to children’s overall health and well-being, and having the opportunity for free play with peers allows students to stay physically fit and active. The CDC recommends that children get at least 60 minutes per day of physical activity, and recess contributes to that recommended time. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics puts forth that “recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development…”

            At Our Savior Lutheran School, we are blessed with a beautiful campus and multiple wonderful playgrounds and areas for students to explore and experience nature. Our students of all ages, from our pre-schoolers all the way to our 8th graders, have access to daily recess time. In times of inclement weather, students are given the opportunity to play in the gym or classroom. We are thankful for our beautiful acreage and the usually lovely weather that allows our students the opportunity to be outside almost every day!