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Success at Academic Quest

Twenty-seven 6th-8th graders participated in Academic Quest at Lutheran High North last Wednesday.  This is an academic competition with other area Lutheran and private Christian schools.  Students took a test on one "Open" event where they're competing with 6th-8th graders in some subject matter.  This year's categories were mythology, New Testament history, olympics, the novel "The Old Man and the Sea,"  PSIA artists, geometry, and national parks.  Then they competed in grade level subjects where they're competing only against students their own age.  Those categories include grammar, science, math, history, and Bible.  OSL WON FIRST PLACE OVERALL IN OUR DIVISION.  We also took 3rd place in a team event where 5 of our students from various grades competed against other schools in timed tests.  Here are the results for students who placed in each category:
New Testament History - Jade Jao 6th, Skylar Armstrong 2nd, and Michael Campbell 1st.
Mythology - Bella Adams 4th and Abigail Ganze 3rd.
Geometry - Hayden Payne 4th, Ethan Waiser 2nd, and Alex Erickson 1st.
National Parks - Cole Jao 2nd.
Olympics - Madison Hess 6th, Cameron Herrera 4th, and Robin Griffin 3rd.
The Old Man and the Sea - Tori Cullever 4th and Molly Fox 1st.
PSIA Artists - Olivia Lucas 1st
6th Grade Math - Parker Biehle 5th and Alex Erickson 1st.
7th Grade  Math - Cameron Herrera 5th and Cole Jao 3rd
8th Grade Math - Skylar Armstrong 4th, Abigail Ganze 3rd, and Ethan Waiser 1st.
6th Grammar - Jade Jao 5th, Parker Biehle 2nd, Anna Bordas 1st.
7th Grammar - Grace Schoppe-Fischer 4th, Abigail Wilmot 3rd, and Michael Campbell 2nd.
8th Grammar - Bella Adams 5th and Abigail Ganze 3rd.
6th Science - Anna Bordas 2nd
7th Science - Andrew Cook 6th.
6th History - Robin Griffin 6th, Alex Erickson 4th, and Parker Biehle 1st.
7th History - Cameron Herrera 6th and Michael Campbell 3rd.
8th History - Sarah Cherington 6th, Christian White 5th, and Bella Adams 1st.
6th Bible - Molly Fox 6th.
7th Bible - Michael Campbell 1st, Joe Jackson 4th, Grace Schoppe-Fischer 5th.
8th Bible - Ethan Waiser 6th, Bella Adams 3rd, and Christian White 2nd.
Top 6th Grader in Division II - Alex Erickson 2nd place.
Top 7th Grader in Division II - Michael Campbell 3rd place.
Top 8th Grader in Division II - Bella Adams 2nd place.
Team Event - OSL got 3rd place
Division II Overall Winner - OSL