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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at OSL

In addition to traditional educational approaches, Our Savior Lutheran School is also happy to provide an Outdoor Education Program for Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Graders. OSL’s Outdoor Education Program has several key benefits for the middle-schooler; it fosters a sense of community within the classes, holds students to high standards and expectations and gives them the opportunity to shine, and allows for the development of positive memories and connotations between education and the outdoors.

The Outdoor Education Program enables the middle-schoolers to build a sense of community within their class, by enabling the students to spend increased time together in new situations, such as traveling, bunking together, and field-study groups. The Outdoor Education Program also benefits the middle-schoolers because it allows them the opportunity to uphold the high standards expected of them when they are representing OSL in the public. OSL is proud of our students and their exceptional kindness and politeness, and our Outdoor Education trips gives them an opportunity to showcase these great qualities in a new environment. The Outdoor Education Program also helps the middle-schoolers form positive memories and connections between the great outdoors and their love of learning! Each of OSL’s Outdoor Education Trips is unique and specifically designed to connect the students’ academic learning with the locations they visit.

Sixth Grade visits Camp Lone Star in the fall of each school year. Camp Lone Star is in LaGrange, Texas. The experience includes lessons in Plant Life, Animal Behavior, Outdoor Living, and Environmental Sensitivity; as well as other outdoor activities. The students take canoeing trips down the Colorado River and a hike to the Monument Hill State Historic Site, which ties into their study of Texas History.

Seventh Grade takes a Texas History themed trip in the Spring of each school year. The three-day excursion consists of a chartered bus trip through some of the historic sites of Central Texas. On day one, the 7th graders travel to San Antonio, where they visit the Alamo and watch an Imax movie about the historic battle at the Alamo. They also tour The Buckhorn Museum, and take in the sights on a private boat tour on the scenic Riverwalk. On day two, the students travel to Austin where they visit the State Capital and learn about the rich history of the Capitol and how the Texas government functions. Next, they visit the State Cemetery, where they take an informative tour of the grave sites of noted historical figures such as Sam Houston, Three-Legged Willie, Barbara Jordan, Tom Landry, and Chris Kyle, as well as other famous historic figures. Day two concludes with a tour of Natural Bridge Caverns. On day three, the seventh graders enjoy Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels.

In early May of each school year, Eighth Grade visits Washington, D.C. During their four days in Washington, the students visit the Holocaust Museum, and several monuments including FDR, Jefferson WWII, and Washington. The students also visit the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They also visit Mount Vernon and the Smithsonian Museums.