OSL's Early Childhhood Gardening Program | Our Savior Lutheran School

OSL's Early Childhhood Gardening Program

A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature.  - Maria Montessori

     Our Savior's Early Childhood Program includes hands-on, fun, and practical focus on gardening and growing plants.  The children are encouraged to participate in each aspect of gardening, including preparing the soil for planting, distributing seeds, watering the garden, and eventually picking the produce, and preparing it for a meal.

     Gardening is beneficial to young children for numerous reasons, and provides many different learning opportunities.  Gardening provides an occasion to discuss healthy eating habits and food selection and variety.  Gardening also allows the children to engage in outdoor activity, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Gardening has been shown to provide stress relief, improve memory and focus, and positively impact general feelings of well-being.  The OSL ECE teachers use the gardening activities to encourage their students to begin to develop healthy patterns of eating and exercise.

     OSL's ECE Garden is located in front of the smaller ECE playground, between the playground and the parking lot.  Please top by sometime to admire the hard work of the youngest of our students, or ask your child's teacher about volunteering during gardening time.