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Oratio Eloquentium

Oratio Eloquentium


Our Savior Lutheran School is proud of the Latin program we offer our students, as it is excellent preparation for the understanding and study of many other languages, including English. Half of our vocabulary has Latin roots, and studying Latin is akin to studying phonics in building a foundational vocabulary for reading and writing. The study of Latin is extremely helpful in mastering proper grammar usage in the English language. Additionally, the Latin language provides the root words of many scientific, law, government, theology, and logic words.

Our Savior Lutheran School is also happy to offer an excellent Literature program. The Literature curriculum at OSL exposes students to a variety of authors and works, both past and present, and encourages the study and memorization of classic pieces of literature.

As part of our Literature and Latin programs at OSL, our students annually present the Oratio Eloquentium. Oratio Eloquentium, or Eloquent Speaking, is a competition for the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade students. The competition emphasizes three of the five cannons of Rhetoric – style, memory, and delivery. The participants in the competition memorize verses, poems, speeches, and letters from the Literature Learn by Heart Curriculum, and present them to the school. The students are then judged on the degree of difficulty of their selection, their memorization accuracy, their physical demeanor, and their stage presence.

This year’s Oration Eloquentium was well presented and had many worthy participants. Everyone did a remarkable job showcasing the Learn By Heart curriculum, and the eloquence and talent God has given them. The finalists were Bauer Burttschell presenting The Raven, Sage Duerr presenting JFK’s First Inaugural Address, Ben Adams presenting Henry V, Anna Bordas presenting Tear Down This Wall, Robin Griffin presenting Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Jade Jao presenting I Have A Dream. The winners were: First Place – Sage Duerr, Second Place – Anna Bordas, and Third Place – Ben Adams.