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Kindergarten at OSL - The Best of Both Worlds!

Kindergarten at OSL – The Best of Both Worlds!

            Kindergarten is such a special time in a child’s academic journey. For some students, it is their first school experience! For most students, it is their introduction into a more formal education setting. At OSL, we are happily able to provide a wonderful transitional experience for our kindergarten students, that allows them to get used to a more formal classroom setting, while still allowing them the opportunity for play-based learning which has proven beneficial for young children.

            As our title says, Kindergarten at OSL really is the best of both worlds – the two worlds being the Early Childhood Program and the “Big Kid” grammar school. Our Kindergarten classrooms are located in our Early Childhood Building, and our kindergarten students have the fun opportunity to participate in ECE programs like Field Day, Go Texan Day, and Teddy Bear Day. Our caring Kindergarten teachers, as well as the whole ECE staff, focus on developing each student in many different areas, concentrating on academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Young children learn especially well through hands-on experiments, and our kindergarten students at OSL enjoy many such learning experiences! This year alone they have made solar ovens to bake smores, began container gardening, and made their own ice cream!

Even though our Kindergarten classrooms are in the Early Childhood Building, that doesn’t mean our kindergarten students miss out on grammar school activities! The kindergarten students attend K – 8th grade chapel, are part of the school House System, and participate in school spirit activities such as Pep Rallies, House Games, and Ice Cream Socials. Academically speaking, the basis for each student’s grammar school education begins in kindergarten, and is then built upon each year as their education progresses. In Kindergarten, as well as throughout grammar school at OSL, a block-building approach to education using memorization, chants, songs, drama, poetry, and games to engage auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners ensure that facts, rules, and discoveries in every field are firmly implanted in each student’s mind.