Introducing...OSL's Newly Redesigned Blog! | Our Savior Lutheran School

Introducing...OSL's Newly Redesigned Blog!

      We, the staff and faculty at Our Savior Lutheran School, strive to continuously provide you, the OSL parents, with current, relevant educational news, up-to-date happenings on campus, and to keep parents informed on all things OSL.  In keeping with this endeavor, we redesigned OSL's Blog so that the weekly updates will provide you with information concerning OSL functions and projects, as well as offer educational resources and information that are relevant to OSL's curriculum,  It is our hope that the newly restructured blog will allow OSL parents to become better acquainted with the unique educational opportunities OSL provides, as well as offer insight in to the world of private education.

     Blog posts to look forward to in the coming weeks will include an introduction to the new OSL Library, insight in to why the study of Latin is such a fundamental cornerstone to our students' eduction, and an overview on the benefits of learning cursive.  As the year progresses, we will highlight important OSL activities and functions, as well as provide information on OSL's distinctive educational attributes.