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Eighth Grade at OSL: Portrait of a Graduate

Eighth Grade at OSL

Eighth grade is an important and memorable year in the life of any young student. It is the last year of middle school before embarking on the adventure of high school. It is a chance to be school community leaders and the oldest students on campus. In celebration of our 2019 Eighth Grade Graduating Class, we will be including in this blog post “The Portrait of An Our Savior Graduate,” as well as some fond memories from the graduating class.

The Portrait of An Our Savior Graduate

            An Our Savior Lutheran School Graduate is a Christian, who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and who has a trusting knowledge of everlasting life with Christ. An OSL Graduate is able to defend their faith using Biblical texts as proof, and is a humble servant who seeks to share the love of Christ through their words and deeds with family, friends, and community.

            An Our Savior Lutheran School Graduate is a well-read and eloquent communicator who has a vast knowledge of classical literature, poems, and Bible passages.  An OSL Graduate is able to communicate clearly and thoughtfully through written and spoken word.

            An Our Savior Lutheran School Graduate is a critical thinker and a problem solver, who is motivated to study various subjects and topics and pursue them outside of school. An OSL Graduate utilizes critical thinking skills to assess a problem in order to find a solution, and solves problems with a Christian perspective.

            An Our Savior Lutheran School Graduate is respectful; an OSL Graduate honors and submits to those placed in authority, and is considerate and polite to everyone. An OSL Graduate understands and appreciates diversity, and exhibits the ability and desire to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

            An Our Savior Lutheran School Graduate is a leader, who willingly stands up for the Godly, right thing to do, who possesses and demonstrates integrity, and guides others to reach their goals. An OSL Graduate accepts responsibility for his or her own actions, and is involved in extracurricular activities and supportive of school and community functions.

An Our Savior Lutheran Graduate is responsible; an OSL Graduate puts others’ needs before their own and cares for those less fortunate. An OSL Graduate values and participates in their civic duties, and possess and exhibits honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity.

Memories of Eighth Grade at OSL

Sports & Teamwork …

 “The game was over and we won by one point! Our team ran across the court, jumping and screaming, completely forgetting the fact that we were all sweaty and disgusting. We ran to the bench to celebrate with our coach, Mrs. Payne. I’m pretty sure we gave Mrs. Payne a few gray hairs from that game, but in the end, we cheered and celebrated like it was the last night of our lives. From that moment on, I learned that a team is more than a couple of people playing a game, but it is a group of friends willing to fight will all their might to win. And win we did!”

“A memorable sports memory was getting the opportunity to play soccer at all. It was a great experience to play the great sport, through whatever team we had to face, we worked as a team and worked hard at every practice.

Impactful Teachers …

Mr. Morrissey made me want to read more good books in my free time.

“Mr. Morrissey has affected my life in school and out. He is a good role model and a very good coach. He has a lot of fun teaching, but he still taught us a lot and prepared us for high school.”

Mr. Kemnitz taught me for three years and taught me more than just Latin, Science, and Algebra. Over the course of eleven years, I have had many teachers, but the one that impacted me the most is Mr. Kemnitz.”

Mr. Morrissey has helped me improve my writing skills and spelling. Now, in my life I can conjugate sentences. Thanks to all the teachers at OSL. Thank you for teaching me this year.

“Mr. Eifert encourages me to be happy and he believes I have talent in my love for soccer.”

Classical Education …

My favorite memory at OSL is definitely Oratio Eloquentium. Mrs. Cherington helped me after school for a few days and I had an awesome costume. It was so much fun performing in front of everyone.”

Learn By Heart has helped me to memorize many different things. The experience of repetition went on to me to help me do Oratio in class, different Latin sayings, and other religion practices. I have done Learn By Heart since 1st grade. The experiences have helped me to learn many different orations and they will continue to help me remember things in the future. I greatly encourage the Learn By Heart program!”


Congratulations to OSL Graduating Class of 2019!!

God’s Blessings on all your future endeavors!