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Athletics at OSL - Part Two: Meet the Coaches!

     Spirit week is here!  Last week, our blog focused on the benefits of athletics to the student athlete.  This week, we will learn more about the sports and athletics offered at OSL, and the superstar coaches who are responsible for keeping our student athletes performing well?  OSL presently offers a variety of different sports and athletics programs to the Junior Varsity (5th & 6th grade) and Varsity (7th & 8th grade) levels, including Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Softball, Track & Field, Cross Country, and Baseball.

      Soccer at OSL is coached by Mr. Erik Morrissey, who is also the sixth grade homeroom teacher, and Mr. Jimmy Eifert, our 8th grade homeroom teacher.  Mr. Morrissey has been coaching soccer at OSL for 19 years, and he is dedicated to both the sport and his team!  He also coaches Varsity Girls' soccer at Lutheran High North, and has three former OSL players who currently coach soccer at the high school level in the Houston area.  Mr. Eifert has been coaching soccer since arriving at OSL , and once had an OSL JV Soccer team go undefeated.

     Boys Basketball at OSL is coached by Mr. Jimmy Eifert. This is his 26th year coaching basketball at OSL.  Mr. Eifert's team made state finals last year, and his most memorable comeback win was when the team was down by 15 late in the third quarter, and still managed to turn the game around and win!  He has had 310 basketball wins over the course of his coaching career at OSL!

     Girls Basketball at OSL is coached by Mrs. Stephani Payne, who is also the 5th grade teacher at OSL.  This is her first year coaching the varsity team, but she has also coached JV basketball in the past.  Mrs. Payne enjoys seeing her team's dedication to excellence pay off during their games! 

     Volleyball at OSL is coached by Ms. Jeanene Lunsford (varsity), who is OSL's Athletic Director and teaches 7th grade math. Ms. Lunsford has been coaching volleyball for 25 years.  Volleyball is also coached by Mrs. Lydia Mushinski (junior varsity), who is the 3rd grade teacher at OSL.  Mrs. Mushinski has been coaching volleyball at OSL for 4 years.  She is passionate about the game of volleyball, as she has been playing for fun and competitively since she was a young child, continuing her athletic career throughout high school and college.  Mrs. Mushinski especially enjoys coaching the JV team because she is able to help younger student athletes develop their love for athletics.

     Cheerleading at OSL is coached by Mrs. Sarah Morrissey (Varsity) and Ms. Jeanene Lunsford (JV).  In addition to being our 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Morrissey has enjoyed coaching cheerleading at OSL for 13 years.

     Cross Country is coached by Mrs. Stephani Payne.  Mrs. Payne has been coaching cross country for 3 years and really enjoys helping her team set and achieve their goals.  Mrs. Payne is a dedicated runner herself, and is happy to bring the joy of running to new students.

     Track and Field is coached by Mrs. Lydia Mushinski.  She has been coaching the Track and Field team for the past 3 years, and also competed in track and field throughout high school and college.  Mrs. Stephani Payne also coaches track and field, and has for the past 3 years.  Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Mushinski both really enjoy their roles for track and field because the student athletes are able to set self-defined goals and achieve them through their hard work and dedication.

     Baseball at OSL is also coached by Mr. Jimmy Eifert.  Mr. Eifert has been coaching baseball at OSL for 26 years.

     All of us at OSL are so proud of all our sports teams, for their hard work, and good sportsmanship.  We are thankful for the amazing coaches who help lead OSL's student athletes.  Coming Up....Athletics at OSL - Part Three:  Spirit Week!