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Athletics at OSL - Part One: The Benefits of Organized Sports

     Spirit week is fast approaching, that exciting time each year when the varsity teams prepare for the state tournament, and all at OSL are filled with school spirit! As we draw nearer to this exhilarating time, it is also a good time to refresh your memory on OSL's sports and athletics programs, and the benefits of team participation.

     OSL currently offers a wide variety of sports and athletics programs, including Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Track and Cheerleading.  Each sport is offered at both the Junior Varsity (5th & 6th grade), and Varsity (7th & 8th grade) levels, and is expertly coached by an OSL teacher.

     We encourage all our students at OSL to get involved in a physical activity or sport, and our athletic director and coaches can offer help and guidance in choosing the right sport for your child's age and skill level.  Organized sports have many benefits for student-athletes, including setting the student up for a lifetime of health and wellness by laying the foundation for healthy habits of daily physical activity.  Organized sports also benefit student-athletes mentally, as participation in sports leads to self-discipline, and helps children learn the benefit of hard work in the effort to achieve a specified goal.

     Organized sports, particularly team sports, help build children's social skills and abilities working with others.  Being a part of a sports team teaches children how to work together to accomplish mutual goals, how to recognize and appreciate the individual strengths of others, and how to prioritize collective goals. In addition to the physical and social benefits of participation in organized sports, children who take part in organized sports also show greater self-confidence compared to their peers who do not partake in organized sports.

     Participants in organized sports learn many important lessons in good sportsmanship, and how to be a good teammate and opponent.  Competitive activities allow children to experience disappointment and accept responsibility for mistakes, allowing them to learn how to win, and lose, gracefully.

     Participation is organized sports is very beneficial to growing children, and can help children develop lasting valuable skills, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We are happy to provide so many athletic opportunities for our students here at OSL.  Stay tuned for next week's blog, Athletics at OSL - Part Two: Coaching at OSL.