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Art at OSL

Art at OSL

Our Savior Lutheran School has always valued artistic expression, and offers both lessons in art history and practical art instruction. This year, OSL has been blessed to provide students with both a dedicated art studio, as well as a talented new art teacher, Mrs. Lisa Sacaris.

Mrs. Sacaris has had a passionate interest in art for a long time, and began her serious artistic studies in high school, attending Duchesne Academy and studying Drawing, Black and White Photography, and Traditional Indian Batik. Mrs. Sacaris went on to attend Glassel Studio School, a program offered by the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and studied Pastel Drawing, Sketching, and Printmaking. Mrs. Sacaris then earned her BFA in Fibers from the Kansas City Art Institute. A Fiber degree includes dyeing, textile manipulation and printing, weaving, sewing, and felting.

After her college years in Kansas, Mrs. Sacaris returned to Houston, and began working with the Houston Ballet and Grand Opera. Her work with both companies continues to this day. Mrs. Sacaris also began teaching at HCCS renowned Department of Fashion and Interior Design, and taught there for 11 years. Many of her students from that program have gone on to win national awards and be successful in artistic endeavors. Now that Mrs. Sacaris is teaching at OSL, she is excited to encourage a new generation of artists!

Mrs. Sacaris’ favorite part of teaching at OSL is getting to know her students and their unique personalities and artistic expressions. Art class gives students the opportunity to process ideas and emotions creatively, and Mrs. Sacaris is happy to be a part of that process! Mrs. Sacaris firmly believes that “students need art – visual, dramatic, musical, and creative writing. It is crucial for students to have different ways of looking at problem solving from both a visual standpoint and a creative solution oriented standpoint. The ability to continue to work even though a student might think they have messed up is an important life skill. Art can give students a chance to make a mistake, take ownership of it and transform it into a beautiful finished piece.”

            Mrs. S, as she is affectionately called by her students, is a favorite among OSL students of all ages. One middle school student said that she is “the best art teacher ever – very understanding and funny!” Another student said, “Mrs. S is encouraging and positive. She encourages you to work through your mistakes and see what happens.” Mrs. S is also lauded by her students as an organized teacher who encourages her students to stay organized as well.  All of the students agree, she is a happy and positive influence at OSL!

            All of us at OSL are so happy to have Mrs. Sacaris as part of the faculty at OSL, and are blessed by her talents and dedication to artistry!