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Art, History and Science Fair

 Art, History and Science Fair

This Thursday was OSL’s Annual Science, Art, & History Fair. Each year the students at OSL, from the youngest Pre-Schoolers, to the almost graduated 8th graders, come together to create projects and artwork that display the knowledge and learning they have acquired over the school year.  

The projects included interesting science experiments. Both some of our oldest and youngest students submitted science experiments for the Science Fair this year. The two pre-school classes did an experiment called “Which Objects Will Float in Water?” The seventh graders each did individual science experiments and presented them on visual boards with detailed explanations and results recorded in accompanying binders.

OSL students study art history throughout the year, and for the Art Fair, they recreated famous artwork to be displayed. Some of the art work focused on this year included Starry Night by Van Gogh, recreated by Mrs. Lazenby and Mrs. Stephen’s Pre-School classes. The children used their fingers to create the sky portion of the artwork, and learned art vocabulary like “swirl” and “circular motions.” Mrs. Lazenby’s Pre-School class also recreated Monet’s Water Lilies using modern materials like cupcake liners and paper plates.

The History projects displayed at the fair were fascinating and covered a wide-range of topics including some creative Great Wall of China recreations by Mrs. Mushinski’s 2nd grade class, as well as studies of ancient civilizations by sixth grade, and replicas of the Alamo by the eighth graders. Third grade also participated in a live wax museum of historical figures.

All of our students did a wonderful job, and we are so proud of their hard work!