Science | Our Savior Lutheran School


OSL School Students Discover and Explore Science

At Our Savior, students encounter science as a tool to discover and explore God's creation around them.

Science classes in Kindergarten through Grade 5 study life science, physical science, earth science and the human body. Our students' knowledge of science is developed throughout the grammar school years. The content of that study begins at a very basic level in Kindergarten, and it becomes increasingly more complex as the students progress through the grades.

Science in Grades 6, 7 and 8 is centered around a hands-on approach to learning. The curriculum's main objective is content memorization with a minor objective of developing higher-level thinking skills. Math, history, and Latin have been integrated into the science curriculum as well.

The primary focus of science in Grade 6 is general science. This includes instruction in chemistry and physics. In Grade 7, the focus is on biology with three units of dissection. Grade 8 science class focuses on Earth and Physical science with three units designed to develop problem-solving skills.