Religion | Our Savior Lutheran School


Religion Is Central to Our Savior's Core Curriculum

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to Our Savior's curriculum and is shared in and out of the classroom. Our students attend weekly chapel, pray throughout the day, sing the great hymns of the Christian church in music class, and memorize the Christian teachings found in Luther's Small Catechism throughout the year.

These are all wonderful opportunities to be nurtured by the love of Jesus Christ, to read His Word, and hear His Gospel.

Our Savior Lutheran's Learn by Heart Program

Every grade level also has religion class where they study scripture and Christian teachings. However, it is important to note that we do not accept the notion that there is knowledge that is secular and distinct from knowledge that is sacred.

God created all things. The good, true, and beautiful are the objects of education in math, history, science, fine arts, and literature. Accordingly, our faculty takes every opportunity to draw attention to those connections. So, even though we set aside a time of day for "religion class," we never stop teaching our students "the nurture and admonition of the Lord."

We do not believe any child can be truly educated without knowing God and the transcendent reality of the good, true, and beautiful. Ironically, even children in public schools will experience those things that can only come from God (it is impossible not to), but they are restricted from exploring their source in the classroom.

By contrast, when a child at Our Savior recognizes that because God exists, 2+2=4, recites the Ten Commandments from memory, sees God's plan develop through History, translates a Psalm in Latin, or uses science as a tool to explore and discover God's creation, we rejoice.