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Language Arts

OSL Students Master Language Arts...And Much More

Our Savior's liberal arts of learning teaches language arts mastery - not simply basic skills. Grammar, logic and rhetoric were the first three liberal arts (the "Trivium") and all three are central to the classical education we provide to our Houston students. The curriculums we use for reading, spelling, and composition were selected because they teach and build excellent foundations in those liberal arts. We use:

Spalding is our phonics based reading program that allows our students to encounter quality literature earlier and challenges them to stretch their vocabularies and imagination. We do not use "basal readers" that edit and abridge literature pieces according to pre-determined reading levels (thus, lowering the level of difficulty). We believe that our students should be challenged with quality literature as early as possible.

We use the Shurley Method English program to study English grammar because it complements our commitment to English mastery and memorization. This allows the study of English grammar to move at an accelerated pace and give our students a head start at English mastery.

In addition, to this thorough study of English grammar, composition, and reading, Our Savior has made Latin a core curriculum to further augment its curriculum in Language Arts.