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History At OSL Is A Learn By Heart Curriculum

Our paideia places a strong emphasis on history and geography. It is not a typical "social studies" approach. Our Savior's history curriculum is remarkable.

All students, from Kindergarten to Grade 8 learn by heart the Antiquitas Centum, the "History 100." These are 100 key events in the history of mankind from Creation to 9/11. Through the course of the academic year, students learn songs, chants, and even dances that tell the entire story of history through these 100 events.

Learning these events "by heart" gives every child at Our Savior a complete mental framework of history from ancient Egypt to modern America. But this is just the beginning.

In Grade 2, Our Savior's students begin a seven-year journey that will take them through all of human history twice. The first cycle starts in Grade 2 with a study of Ancient History and finishes in Grade 5 with 20th century America. The second cycle takes them through history a second time between Grade 6 and Grade 8 building on the foundation that was built in the first cycle and developing a deeper understanding of the currents and conflicts that have run through human history. Throughout, the study of geography is key.

Overarching these cycles is the Antiquitas Centum so the students never forget the context of the particular period they are studying. In addition, we integrate their historical study with the literature they are reading and religion class. This is all part of comprehensive and integrated history program meant to develop a thorough understanding of Western Civilization and Western culture.

The history curriculum incorporates a variety of different resources to guide students through their journey through time. The timeline is our primary map and guide so we do not feel the need to be confined to one textbook. Students will encounter the primary documents of history from ancient and modern sources as well as secondary accounts of history.

Antiquitas Centum