Early Childhood Classroom Activities - Learning Through Play | Our Savior Lutheran School

Early Childhood Classroom Activities - Learning Through Play

In the classroom your child will have weekly Bible stories, weather and calendar activities, center time, dramatic play, and working with a manipulative for counting, classifying and sorting. Daily crafts will involve the fine motor skills of cutting, gluing, coloring, painting and printing.

Children will work on early literacy skills through phonological awareness, oral language, letter and number recognition, and print awareness. Our story times provide an excellent opportunity for the development of vocabulary and listening skills as well as story structure.

Children attend an Early Childhood chapel once a week where Bible stories are introduced.

Music is also an important part of our curriculum.  Music is integrated by our teachers throughout the curriculum whether it is learning a song for the days of the week, or learning a song that reinforces the weekly Bible story or weekly unit theme. Children also participate in a weekly music class with our classroom music teacher.

Playground activity is included daily which allows children to continue the development of their gross motor skills.  Preschool and Pre-K students attend a weekly gym class to allow for further gross motor development, listening skills, and learning the art of playing in a group game. 

Math and Science concepts are further developed through cooking experiences in students making their own snacks and traditional hands-on science experiments.