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The Classical Art of Learning

Our Savior’s classical liberal arts focus offers Houston students a rigorous curriculum in language arts, mathematics, the sciences, history, and fine arts. This curriculum takes students from Early Childhood through Middle School, preparing them to succeed at the secondary level and beyond.

But, we are not simply concerned with college or career. Our Savior’s classical approach to education is a paideia.

Paideia is a Greek word (παιδεία) that means "the process of educating man into his true form, the real and genuine human nature." That is what we seek to do at Our Savior.

Check our curriculum for some of the key aspects of that paideia and examples of what sets Our Savior apart from other schools.

The education we offer is not simply concerned with the next academic level or future career, it is preparing each student for a lifetime and an eternity thereafter.